7 Minute Miracle Morning Setup Delivery

Here's Your "7 Minute Morning Setup"

The 7 minute miracle morning setup will add a morning ritual to your day that will increase your productivity, focus, and energy without taking hours of your time.

7 Minute Morning Miracle with Cledra

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Your insight, transparency, real and relatable style make you an awesome coach. As a believer, I was especially appreciative that you used GOD’s work as a foundation. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who is ready to move forward and make changes for the better. – Kimberly W.

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I could go on and on about the blessing Cledra has been to me. I have direction and know where I’m headed. I have a successful business, I have written a book (second one coming soon), launched a teen program, powerful individual, and group coaching sessions, motivational speaking engagements, and a recently Certified Etiquette Consultant! There is no stopping me! Money can’t buy the tools Cledra equipped me with. She is a blessing and a valuable asset! – Darolyn. M

Take Care Of Yourself Webinar

Click below to learn how my clients accelerate their results in their health, business, and life by adding weekly accountability  & coaching to the 7 minutes miracle morning in my TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SANCTAURY