3 free apps to track your water

Try one of these 3 free apps over the weekend to track your water. Sometimes the reason we feel so bad by Monday is because we’re dehydrated over the weekend from all the ripping and running(did anyone else grow up hearing “we gotta a lot of ripping and running to do? LOL)
1. Daily Water
Price: Free
Daily Water is designed to help individuals set drinking water goals and track the volume of water they are drinking on a daily basis. The app allows for schedule reminders and offers a basic statistical analysis of the amount of what you have consumed over the course of a day, week or month.
2. iDrated
Price: Free
iDrated is one of the top rated water apps. Simply tell the app a bit about yourself (gender, age, weight, exercise schedule) and it will help you set a daily target for hydration. iDrated will even monitor how hydrated your body is at any given moment, keep track of the last time you had a drink of water, and tell you when you are due to drink again. This all-in-one hydration tracker allows you to easily and efficiently keep track of how you’re doing in terms of meeting your recommended daily water intake
3. Waterlogged
Price: Free
Waterlogged makes it nearly impossible to forget to drink enough water. The app allows you to set reminders for yourself at scheduled or random intervals to get something to drink and keeps track of how well you are meeting your daily water drinking goals. You can even customize the app based on the type and size of drinking glasses or water bottles you have, right down to the ounce. Simply take a picture of the glass or water bottled you are drinking from and note the volume of water it holds. Next time you drink from it, find in the list and tap to record.
Now I personally use MyFitness Pal and it has a water log section. You may be UNpleasantly surprised by your WEEKEND WATER INTAKE when you start tracking it like I did BUT the great news is that it’s all feedback!! Once I started paying attention to my WEEKEND WATER my Mondays became more energized!!
Try it!! Just do Saturday and Sunday.
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