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Certified Master Life Coach

Hi I’m Cledra

I am a Certified Master Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Founder/CEO, wife daughter, and a woman passionate about teaching  women how to employ my signature steps of intentional thinking that will free them to Step Into the Freedom they desire.


"Success is the result of intentional thinking - not hard work" - Cledra

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Cledra’s signature self-coaching Freedom Academy provides you the tools you need to change your thoughts about yourself and the world around you. Conversations That Dig Deep
Community That Helps You Grow
Transformation That Will Blow Your Mind

One-on-One Coaching

This is an exclusive system that includes personal sessions, with greater accountability and accessibility to me.
Personal and Intimate Access
Increase Productivity
Uproot Self-Imposed Limitation

REWrite Your Story

ReWrite Your Story: 8 Weights to Drop to Live Your Best Life. This book starts with what to do with your mind, emotions, and spirit, because the bottom line is that extra physical weight is a reflection of extra weight in other areas of our lives.

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