Are You Ready?

Every Woman Deserves to Live Life Fully!

There are so many expectations and demands placed upon us as women – our Families, our Careers, including the  day-to-day demands of being a top-performer. It ALL CAN BE A LOT TO MANAGE!

Regardless to what you do , where you live, or how well you present, theses demands take a toll on us as women. While we’re faithfully taking care the needs us other we ourselves can be derailed by the “UnExpected”.

Let me help you to get back to a living a fuller life.


Are you ready to step into your BIGGER?

I help you to overcome the effects of the destructive communication of your past.

Believe Again

Imagine being freed to dream again for what others said to be to be impossible and moving past the question "where do I go from here"

Increase Your Confidence

Get back to your healthy place of being assured, accomplished, organized, and operating at a high level.

Ignore The Critic

Insulate yourself emotionally from negativity. Ignore the destructive communications that comes from without and within.

Cledra Gross


double Certified coach. Author. SPEAKER. Creator of healthy boss ladies.


Two Ways To Work With Me

Group Coaching With Cledra

You will join a phenomenal group of women who have chosen to step in their BIGGER! Seats are always limited so expect a small but intense group of top performers. This is our world class group coaching system where you get masterful coaching and real world application that will help you today

Private Coaching With Cledra

You can apply for private one-on-one coaching.
This program is reserved for those who desire personal sessions, greater accountability, more accessibility to me, and the opportunity for faster results. Let's find the right solutions for you - Together.

Are you ready to step into your BIGGER?